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Bring our the American Patriot within you with this unisex heavy cotton tee. Inspired by our Founding Fathers who wrote those famous words, We The People, as well as the 300 Spartans that stood up to the Persian Empire and Xerxes I. As Americans, we do not run from oppression, we fight it, these colors run towards the sound of chaos. We will not let our Founding Fathers down, we will continue to pass along that American Spirit that does not give up, even in the face of overwhelming odds. Americans have unyielding courage, courage to stand up against anyone, or anything. This 4th of July, show off that American pride, whether you are a Veteran, Military member, or just an American loving Patriot, make sure to pick this up before it's all out!

.: 100% cotton

.: Medium fabric

.: Classic fit

.: Tear-away label

.: Runs true to size

We The People Unisex TShirt Gifts For Veterans Military Retirement Gift Ideas

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