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Hey There

We thank you for visiting us. FreedomLoverPatriots is an American owned, apparel company. We specialize in creating our items locally in America. With the majority of things being manufactured and created cheaply in China, we promise you quality and pride in American made and American owned.

All About Me

FreedomLoverPatriots was founded by a Marine Corps veteran, Jorge Garcia. After 4 years of service to our great country, Jorge received a Bachelor of Science in Computer Science degree. With everything mostly coming out of China, Jorge decided to do something about this and decided to create his own apparel company that focused heavily on Made in America. Determined to keep American money in the American economy, you can support our goal and mission.

Goal: To source resources from American owned companies only and provide Americans with high quality, American made products.

Mission: To keep American money, in the American economy.




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